Westerdijk Institute

Role within PROMISE:

The Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, formerly known as CBS-KNAW, houses the largest living fungal research collection the world, maintained by leading scientists in the field of mycology. The role of the institute in the PROMISE project is to investigate the fungal biodiversity present in the microbiome of Striga and sorghum, to help identify fungi that can be exploited for protection of sorghum against the parasitic weed Striga. Therefore, the Westerdijk Institute aims to identify, build and maintain a large collection of fungi from these microbiomes for future screening and exploitation as possible biological control measures against Striga.

The following people are involved:

Pedro Crous, Director
Pedro is leading the Phytopathology - Crous Group

Lorenzo Lombard, PostDoc
Lorenzo's expertise lies in mycology, phytopathology, soilborne fungi, Hypocreales

Roy van Doorn - Technician
Roy's role during this project will be as laboratory technician.

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