Role within PROMISE:

The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is the Programme Leader and Head Office of PROMISE and can be contacted at: or +31 (0)317 473467. Within the institute, the following people are involved:

Prof. Jos M. Raaijmakers - Program Coordinator
Jos is head of the Microbial Ecology department at NIOO-KNAW and specialises in microbiome research - in particular metagenomics and microbial ecology of soil and plant-associated microorganisms. Jos is associated as professor to Leiden University.

Prof. Wietse de Boer - Principal Investigator
Wietse is senior researcher at the department of Microbial Ecology. Since 1 March 2012, he is also connected as special Professor in Microbial Soil Ecology to the Wageningen University, department of Soil Quality.

Dr. Eiko Kuramae - Principal Investigator
Eiko is researcher at the department of Microbial Ecology. Here expertise areas are Soil microbial ecology, Genomics, Environmental genomics, Bioinformatics and Microbial network.

Dr. Desalegn Etalo - Investigator
Desalegn is a Postdoc at the department of Microbial Ecology. His main research interests are: 1) Rhizosphere and microbiome research related to alteration of plant physiology, biochemistry and adaptation and 2) Unraveling the regulatory mechanisms of growth/defence trade-off in plant-microbe/pest interaction.

Dr. Francisco Dini Andreote - Postdoc (2016-2019)
Francisco is working on taxonomic and functional analyses of the sorghum root microbiome

Mahdere Shimels - Postdoc
Working on taxonomic and functional analyses of the sorghum root microbiome

Raul Masteling - PhD
Raul is working on the microbial disruption of the signaling between Sorghum and the parasitic weed Striga

Muhammad Rizaludin - researcher

Dominika Rybka - Technician
Dominika is working on the project on molecular detection of Striga, the sorghum microbiome and Striga-suppressiveness of soils

Petra van den Berg - Managing Director NIOO
Ed Wien - Project Administrator & Finances
Sarash de Wilde - Logistics & Project Management

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