Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles


Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles

Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles

ISRA will be involved in several workpackages in Promise II as they are the local expertise based in Ethiopia. 

Dr. Ibrahima Sarr

He is the Director of ISRA/CNRA and is an Agricultural Engineer specialized in crop protection. He is the ISRA PI and oversees the overall project management for both technical and administrative aspects.

Dr. Dioumacor Fall

He is a Soil Microbiologist at CNRA. He is the ISRA Co-PI contributing to the greenhouse and farmer field experimentations, assisting the PI in the project management, especially technical aspects, and reporting.

Mrs. Tacko Drame

She is a research assistant in Weed Science at ISRA/CNRA. She is involved in all the project activities and facilitates experimentations and reporting. 

Dr. Khady Nani Drame

She is the actual Director of ISRA/UNIVAL and is a Research Valorization scientist. She leads the valorization aspects of the project results and technologies for dissemination. 

Mr. Racine Kane

He is a communication officer at ISRA/CNRA and focal of the ISRA Valorization Unit (UNIVAL) for the project communication items’ preparation for dissemination technologies and visibility of activities.

Dr. Malick Ndiaye

He is a scientist in Agronomy at ISRA/CNRA. He contributes to running greenhouse and farmer field experiments especially related to crop rotation, amendments, and fertilizers. 

Dr. Alfred Kouly Tine

He is a Researcher in Soil Sciences at ISRA/CNRA. He contributes to the physical and chemical characterization of soils and experiments in greenhouses and farmer fields.

Dr. Mame Penda Sarr

She is a Research Scientist in Phytopathology at ISRA/CNRA. She contributes to lab., greenhouses, and farmer field experiments.

Dr. Cyril Diatta

He is a Sorghum Breeder at ISRA/CNRA. He contributes to the selection of genotypes and the supply or increase of sorghum seeds.

Dr. Oumar Diack and Prof. Ghislain Kanfany

Oumar Diack at ISRA/CNRA recently took over Ghislain Kanfany from the University Gaston Berger who is backstopping the Pearl Millet Breeding-based program. They contribute to the selection of genotypes and the supply or increase of pearl millet seeds, 

Mr. Yacouba DIAO, Souleymane BODIAN and Boubacar Balde

They are Research assistants in breeding or crop protection at ISRA/CNRA working within and across the cereal, legumes, and Natural Resources Management programs. They are assisting researchers in all activities conducted in the labs, greenhouse, and farmer fields.