Promise II

Promoting Root Microbes for Integrated Striga Eradication
Striga asiatica

Promoting Root Microbes for Integrated Striga Eradication

In Sub-Saharan Africa, many farmers face challenges accessing affordable resources to protect crops against pests and diseases, and ensuring stable crop yields for food, feed and fiber. While natural resources and fertile soils are becoming scarcer every day, feeding a growing global population will require novel and sustainable strategies to increase agricultural production. Nature offers potential allies that can help us enhance food production with less fertilizers and harmful pesticides. These partners are beneficial microbes. All life depends on them to provide many essential ecosystem services. How exactly can these microbial partners help?

Our aim is to engineer soil and plant microbiomes to enhance crop productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, we will explore and harness the functional potential of soil- and plant-associated microbes (bacteria and fungi) to minimize yield losses caused by Striga, a root parasitic weed that adversely affects many cereal crops all over the Sub-Saharan region. 

Latest News

  1. International Parasitic Plant Society

    In Promise II, we are in close relation with the International Parasitic Plant Society, as we are both advancing in scientific research regarding parasitic plants. IPPS's goal is to increase the understanding of these amazing plants, providing a platform for exchange among and beyond the scientific community as well as helping decrease the crop damage inflicted by weedy parasitic plants. If you want to know more about parasitic plants, you are cordially invited to become a member
  2. New Publication

    The soil microbiome modulates the sorghum root metabolome and cellular traits with a concomitant reduction of Striga infection
    Striga and sorghum
  3. Promise II Officially Kicked Off

    On the 8th and the 9th of February, all project members met in Het Trippenhhuis in Amsterdam, to officially launch Promise II. During these two days, the speakers presented the research proposals and planning to yet eradicate Striga through the functional potential of soil- and plant-associated microbes
    The Promise II Team during the Kick Off meeting


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